West Covina Opens 2021-22 Season With 2-1 Victory Over Chino

Nov 17 2021 11:34:18

Thanks to West Covina soccer for this report

Boys Soccer:

West Covina opened the 2021-22 season with an exciting and drama-filled 2-1 victory over visiting Chino High.

The first goal came by way of penalty kick taken by junior Andy Velasco after a clear foul on Leo Ponce de Leon.

Sean Seaman had several excellent saves helping the Bulldogs keep the lead.

The moment that made the whole stadium explode in excitement came late in the game.

A cross from Isaac Baez from the right side, the defender missed the ball, and sophomore Tadeo Torres ended with the ball, controlled it, took touch and volleyed it across the goal beating the goalkeeper to seal the victory.

Up next: The Bulldogs will host Walnut on Friday at 5:15.

Box Score:
Chino: 0-1-(1)
WCHS: 1-1-(2)

Records: West Covina (1-0)