Baseball Census Collegiate Summer League Starts Wednesday Afternoon & Features 180 College Athletes Throughout California

Jun 10 2024 06:42:54

Editor’s Note: I will include a link to the official website, which has rosters and schedules at the bottom, and this site will have nightly game stories.

College Baseball:

The inaugural Baseball Census Collegiate Summer League opens play this Wednesday with a pair of games at the University of La Verne.

The California Outlaws battle the Royals at 1, and the Orange County Juice take on the San Gabriel Valley Monarchs at 4.

The BCCSL features six teams (Arroyo Seco Sentinels, California Outlaws, SGV Monarchs, Orange County Juice, Royals and the Ventura County Bucs made up by 180 college players throughout the state of California and elsewhere.

The regular season runs from June 12th-July 25th.

There will be an all-star game on July 3rd at Brookside Park in Pasadena.

And the postseason begins on July 27th.

The following is a list of some of the prominent players in the BCCSL:

Jameson Ferraro: Crescenta Valley HS/PCC (Sentinels): 6-4, 2.31 ERA, 58K’s in 89 2/3 IP
Cider Canon: Maranatha HS/Davidson (Sentinels): .314/.416/.570 7 HR 30 RBI
Seth Reker: Los Osos HS/Adams State (Cal Outlaws): .348/.390/.489 6 HR
Ethan Nunez: Ayala HS/Colorado Mesa (SGV Monarchs): .366/.475/.717 12 HR 13 2B 50 RBI Jaden St Cyr: EM Academy/Citrus (OC Juice): .344/.444/.669 12 HR 12 2B 2 3B 33 RBI 23 SB
Bryan Richman: Maranatha HS/PCC (Arroyo Seco Sentinels): .387/.497/.484 47 R 9 2B 9 SB
Evan Nahra La Salle HS/PCC (Arroyo Seco Sentinels):.306/.450/.551 12 2B 3 3B 2HR
David Shackleford: La Habra HS/U of A/Pima CC (Monarchs): .305/.443/.477 7 2B 7 3B 3 HR
Nate Perry: Woodbridge HS/ULV (Outlaws): .365/.440/.509 10 2B 3 3B 3 HR 45R
Matt Diaz: Los Osos HS/ULV (Monarchs): .374/.413/.445 11 2B 41 RBI 14 SB 41 R
Jack Esguerra: Arcadia HS/PCC (Monarchs): .383/.436/.467 12 2B 31 RBI 27 R 141 Assists –
Teige Barrett: Mira Mesa HS/Whittier College (Outlaws): .320/.423/.680 14 HR 11 2B 35 R – 18 IP 27 K 6 S 0.49 ERA
Lucas Gabay: Crespi HS/LAVC (Juice): .420/.520/.580 5 2B 1 3B 2 HR
Sebastian Garcia: Granada Hills HS/LAVC (Juice): .296/.388/.478 9 2B 6 HR 38 RBI
Tommy Golbranson: JSerra HS/Chapman (Sentinels): .313/.361/.396 7 2B 1 3B 1 HR
Josh Phillips: JSerra HS/Chapman (Sentinels): .278/.373/.475 13 2B 6 HR 35 RBI 23 SB
Ben Griffith: Pasadena HS/PCC (Monarchs): 41 IP 7S 32K
Jason Givens: Santa Fe Springs HS/ULV (Sentinels)
Adrian Beltre Jr.: Maranatha HS/U of Washington (Sentinels)
Tommy Villanueva: Baldwin Park HS/PCC (Royals): .298, 39H, 23R, 23RBI
Luke Viola Bishop Amat HS/Fullerton JC Redshirted 24 (Outlaws)
Devon Eskridge: Arcadia HS/PCC (Sentinels)
Jason Armendariz Damien HS/Citrus (Juice)
Joe Jimenez: Covina HS/Citrus/CSUDH (Sentinels): 14 APP 21IP 27K
Mario Catalan: Northview HS/Citrus/Simpson (Juice): .381/.453/.510 11 2B 3 3B 1 HR
Aaron Whobrey: RCHS/Chaffey College/ULV (Outlaws): .326/.434/.382 5 2B 14 SB
Cy Robertson: Citrus Valley HS/SBVC (Outlaws): .361/.472/.497 9 2B 3 3B 2 HR 28 RBI 56 R 18 SB
Jason Del Villar: Corona Centennial HS/SBVC (Outlaws): .354/.505/.578 14 2B 2 3B 5 HR 45 RBI 32 R 33 BB
Michael McQueen: Cajon HS/SBVC (Outlaws): .323/.467/.462 11 2B 2 3B 1 HR 47 R 31 BB 17 SB
Shin Kaitsuka: Japan/IMG Academy/El Camino College (Royals)
Grant Werdesheim: Sierra Canyon HS/Princeton (Sentinels):
AJ Campana: Maranatha HS/Chapman College (Sentinels):

To view the Baseball Census website, click on the link below:

Baseball Census Collegiate Summer League



Baseball Census & Summer League owner, Nico Calderaro: “First and foremost, we are completely overwhelmed with the trust and support of college coaches around the country to allow us to provide an opportunity for their players to develop over the summer. It was a long and difficult decision to create our own collegiate league as opposed to one that was already in place, but we decided to take the leap and create an environment we can control and one that will help facilitate the development of student-athletes over the summer. Our primary goal is for the players to return to their schools healthy, get stronger, and develop their skills on the baseball field. With the Portal changing the landscape of recruiting, we hope to help the players that believed in us by creating an edge by playing in competitive games with some of the best talent Southern California has to offer.”