Athletes, Parents, Coaches & Peers Come to Defense & Sing Praises of 30-Year Covina High Teacher & Coach, Kevin Glaspy

May 15 2024 05:03:12

Pictured throughout the years L-R: Glaspy & four-time state champion runner, Remontay McClain, and Glaspy w/Covina’s all-time TD leader & quarterback, Jake Duronslet


Editor’s Note: Two weeks ago, I sent an email to Covina Valley School District Superintendent Elizabeth Eminhizer to give her and the district a chance to make a statement, but Mrs. Eminhizer did not respond. The opinions in this story are mine and mine alone.

By Brian Reed-Baiotto

It would be difficult to find someone “more Covina” than 51-year-old, Kevin Glaspy.

Glaspy is a 1991 Covina High School graduate who played football and ran track for the Colts.

He went on to Mt. San Antonio College before attending, competing for, and graduating from Azusa Pacific University in 1995.

He majored in English at APU.

Although he was still in college, Glaspy dedicated his spare time as an assistant coach for the CHS football and track programs.

Glaspy, who is affectionately known as KG, became Covina’s head track coach and an English teacher at the age of 22 (in 1995).

Whilst carrying the load of an educator and a track coach, Glaspy also took over the duties as Covina’s athletic director back in 2003.

Two years prior to that, he founded the Covina Vikings football program, which helps prepare boys (ages 5-13) for high school football.

Over the past 24 years, the Covina Vikings roster has included a long list of future high school stars.

On a personal note, while I’ve only known Mr. Glaspy for a few years, I’ve already grown to admire him because of his dedication to the student-athletes at CHS and the character he displays in the best and worst of times.

It doesn’t matter if it’s during business hours or late into the night, KG will promptly respond to text messages when I’ve asked for info regarding Covina High School athletes.

As you’ll see in this story, Glaspy has an unlimited list of admirers and supporters, and that’s because of his tireless dedication and the sacrifices he’s made over the decades to benefit the lives of young people.

Glaspy’s character is beyond reproach and his 29-year run at Covina High School speaks for itself.

I wanted to share a quick anecdote regarding Glaspy’s integrity that best puts this man’s character in bright lights.

A parent recently told me a story about he and others trying to convince KG to recruit or at least go after this guy or that guy.

To their frustration, Glaspy said that Covina doesn’t recruit athletes away from other schools, and in spite of their disappointment, they respected Glaspy all the more for insisting on doing things the right way and setting that moral example for their children.

It’s Glaspy’s character, work ethic, dedication and his selfless life mission that makes his current status within the district so infuriating to all that know and love KG and Covina High School itself.

Back on January 13th, Glaspy and 15 other coaches put on an all-star football game at Covina District Field.

The Covina High School Gridiron Football Booster Club rented the field, and the event didn’t go as smoothy as planned.

A security presence wasn’t nearly as evident as it should have been, and with a huge gate, many wondered where the funds went.

Five days after the game, the Covina Valley School District put Glaspy on leave as they investigated any and all claims of wrongdoing.

Glaspy said that he couldn’t comment on the pending matter, but there were a number of people that took part in the event that have steadfastly come to KG’s defense.

They said mistakes were certainly made, but that Glaspy did nothing that resembled a nefarious or reckless act.

And it has many asking themselves, if something unseemly really took place, why aren’t other coaches and their school districts investigating them and their role in the all-star game?

It has been a pathetically-long 117 days since Glaspy was put on leave, and yet the district wasted zero time in stripping KG of his duties as AD, track and head football coach.

In his first year leading the football program, Covina went 9-3 in 2023, which was good for second place in the Hacienda League.

They also made a quarterfinal round appearance in the CIF-SS Division 8 playoffs.

Glaspy’s resume includes the following: 33 years coaching football and track, 29 years teaching, 28 years as head boys/girls track coach, which featured more than 20 league titles, 12 individual CIF champions, six Masters and one state champ.

He’s also been named the Foothill Citrus Athletic Director of the Year, SGV Track Coach of the Year, and Covina High Teacher of the Year.

The only thing Glaspy felt comfortable saying is that he misses and loves Covina High School, their teachers, coaches and especially the student-athletes.

I elected to write this story so that others had the opportunity to talk about the massive impact that Glaspy had on their lives and athletic careers, as opposed to allowing any school district the right or power to dictate the narrative of Kevin Glaspy and his life story.

One of the most impressive and compelling backers of Glaspy is Covina High School graduate, and former cross-country runner, Andrew Tachias.

In 2013, Tachias was a law enforcement officer in Riverside.

And his story of survival and perseverance is almost impossible to fathom.

Tachias was one of the many victims of former LAPD officer turned spree killer, Christopher Dorner.

Tachias was shot multiple times, but he refused to die.

“I remember laying in the street as I was being tended to by first responders thinking, I can close my eyes now and pass away or I can fight to keep my eyes open and stay in the fight. I attribute that fight to survive from what I learned in athletics. It’s the ability to dig deep into the well and push yourself when your body wants to stop. Coach Glaspy is the person who helped lay the foundation for my athletic background. He is a part of the reason why I am alive today.”

During his sophomore year at CHS, Tachias qualified for the CIF-SS cross country finals.

The program was small and still developing, and the expectations were so low that Covina’s cross-country coach had already made postseason travel plans, which meant Tachias didn’t have anyone for his CIF finals appearance.

To no one’s surprise, in stepped Kevin Glaspy to be by Tachias’ side, and he’s been there ever since.

He even briefly coached at Covina after being hired by KG.

In a phone interview on Monday night, Tachias said that he wanted his two kids to think of their father as the hardest working man they knew.

However, Tachias said jokingly that he couldn’t make that claim, because he knows Kevin Glaspy, and that no one works harder than KG.

“Coach Glaspy is my coach, my friend, and my role model. I will forever support him without any reservation.”

At the bottom of this story, there are a number of Glaspy’s former athletes, their parents and his peers that wanted to pay tribute to a man they consider a friend, brother, father figure, mentor and a role model.

If most of us made a fraction of a difference that Glaspy has made, we’d feel pretty good about ourselves.

The only thing Kevin loves more than Covina High School are his two daughters, Jamison and Jiada.

Jamison is 19 and a freshman at San Jose State, and Jiada turns 15 this Saturday.

To Jamison and Jiada, thousands of athletes would like to thank you for sharing your dad with them, as would their parents and those of us in the media.

Glaspy is also lucky to have a supportive and loving girlfriend named Mercedes, who has been an invaluable source of happiness over the last four years.

If you’d like to sign your name to the ‘I stand with KG’ petition, click on the link here: Petition · I stand with KG – United States ·


Covina Valley union rep, Michelle Ramos: “The Covina Unified Education Association is dismayed by the use of district general funds paid to outside counsel to conduct an internal investigation into the conduct of one of our teachers. If there is any evidence of criminal misconduct the matter is best investigated in a timely manner by law enforcement. This teacher has instead been subjected to four months of delays while the superintendent allows an outside legal firm to dictate the decisions and timing of an internal personnel review.”

Former Covina track star, Maya Rush: “KG has been such a blessing to have as a father figure to me since I was nine years old. I’m 21 now and the bond we have has gotten stronger by the year. KG has looked out for me in not only track, but in life. I know that if I had a life question no matter what time or day it is, he will always be there. He has not only been there for me, but every single one of his athletes and students. Covina HS has been very lucky to have KG for as many years as they’ve had. There will not be anyone that will ever be able to replace KG, he’s what Covina needs.”

Former Covina track star, Remontay McClain: “What has Kevin Glaspy meant to me in my track career and life? In life, Kevin was one of the first male role models that I have ever had growing up. I used to be homeless, and I lived in Los Angeles. I never had an example of what a positive male role model looks like in life from a family standpoint. As I got close to Kevin throughout the years, Kevin invited me into his home, and he led by example. Kevin loves his family and takes care of family. He goes above and beyond for them in life. That really stood out to me, because I never had that growing up. I used the example that Kevin set to become a better person. And my professional career in track & field started at Covina High School. Without his support, I wouldn’t be where I am today or made the world team at the highest level for Team USA.”

Covina parent, Brian Porter: “He is an ambassador for the community of Covina. I have friends in their 40’s who know and love KG to this day. He’s a extended parent to the kids of Covina High School. You can see the genuine care and love through his actions and dedication to the kids. He pours so much into Covina High School because KG is Covina High School. He is the heart and soul of our community, and we miss him dearly.”

Coach Dale Ziola: “​Kevin Glaspy is the heart & soul of Covina High School. Not only was he born & raised there. He has poured his whole life into that place, having never left. Kevin has gone above and beyond to keep the youth sports of the community tied into the high school, promoting the physical, social and emotional health of all of Covina. Half the student-athletes at Covina HS would just be students if it weren’t for KG. He is Mr. Covina, dude bleeds Cardinal, and it’s that love for the school that is contagious to all he encounters.”

Covina athlete, Joaquin Barragan: “KG is the most genuine, down to earth, loving and caring person that I know. Ever since I was little and playing for the Covina Vikings, I don’t remember a game or practice I didn’t see him there supporting and helping everyone out. KG and I have had a bond since I was little. He let me be a ball boy for Covina High on Friday’s and then he’d be at our games on Saturday. He is the most involved person in the Covina community since I moved here and all he wants is a beautiful community. When I entered high school at Covina, he was the head coach of our freshman team and that is really where he and I connected. We would draw up plays together and he really understood how to connect with not only me. but every single student-athlete. This past season, his first as the head varsity coach, he really showed me how to be a leader and he led us throughout the whole season. He is the main reason why Covina is the best community in all of the SGV.”

Covina quarterback, Jake Duronslet: “I’ve known KG since I was a little kid playing at the Covina Vikings. KG has always made time to talk and try to help everyone he possibly could. I’ve had the privilege of getting closer to Coach Glaspy as he took over the head coaching duties of the football program. KG is a father figure to me, and many others on this campus, and in the city. He wants what’s best for all of us, and he’s a great example for all of us to follow.”

Covina athlete, Abraham Perez: “KG had a very big impact on all of us here at Covina, including me. He always brought this positive vibe to Covina. He motivated us all to be at our very best every day and I think that’s what helped me get to the place I am today. KG has brought nothing but light to Covina. This school has not been the same without him.”

West Covina football coach, Mike Maggiore: “When you think about Covina Athletics, you think about KG. He has been a fixture there and done an outstanding job of creating a family type culture. He doesn’t recruit or talk negatively about other programs. He works with what he has and does a great job with his programs. The kids at Covina are fortunate for having been coached by KG. In this business, you appreciate solid and honest guys, and KG is just that.”

Charter Oak football coach, Dominic Farrar: “Through his unwavering dedication as both a teacher and coach, Kevin has not only educated minds, but also nurtured spirits, leaving an indelible mark on generations within his community. His tireless commitment to serving others is a testament to his profound impact and enduring legacy. From childhood friend to community cornerstone, Coach Kevin Glaspy has dedicated his life’s work to shaping futures and building legacies. As a teacher and coach, his impact spans generations, instilling not just knowledge but also values of resilience, teamwork, and perseverance. His unwavering commitment to empowering young minds reflects a lifetime of selflessness and service. In every lesson taught and every game coached, he leaves an enduring imprint of inspiration and mentorship. K.G. is not just a teacher and coach; he is a guardian of dreams and a champion of community spirit.”

Northview football coach, Marcel Perez: “Kevin is a really good guy. He works hard for Covina High School and I know he loves the place. He’s been there for thirty-plus years, and he is always trying to make Covina High School the best school around. It’s sad what’s going on there.”

Former Covina/Current Upland coach, Darryl Thomas: “For the past 35-40 years, Kevin Glaspy has been synonymous with Covina High School. He graduated from the high school, has taught at the high school, coached at the high school, and served as athletic director at the high school. He has impacted tens of thousands of young lives throughout his career. The KG that I know would do anything to help out a young person. He would also try his very best to keep Covina High School relevant. I have been told by many people that Covina High is just not the same without him.”

San Dimas girls’ basketball coach, Gary Jackson: “KG is more than a coach. I’ve seen how much of an impact he has had on the students of Covina Valley over the years. KG has grown the track team into an SGV staple all while doing it with class and dignity. The way he cares for the school, students and community is unmatched. I’ve watched up close for 30 years and losing a man like KG in the community will have a much larger impact than I think many realize.”

Covina High School parent, James Duronslet: “​KG has been absolutely monumental to so many kids throughout his 30-year career as a coach and teacher at Covina High School. KG has helped countless in his class through avid, through sports, and countless hours with the Covina Vikings youth football program that he established and now the Covina Valley School District is destroying with their reckless actions. KG’s willingness to help families and children succeed at Covina High School is unmatched, and I’ll always be grateful and appreciative for all the love he’s shown the Duronslet family.”

Former Covina football coach, Aaron Berry: “Kevin is the best athlete director I have ever had as a coach. His love for the school, staff and community challenged me to be the best coach possible for the program. It being my first year as a head coach, Kevin guided me to feel confident, respected and prepared. The thing that really sets him apart is that he cared more about me as a person. He would always talk to my family and make sure that they knew I was in good hands. Through my struggles and triumphs, KG never failed at bringing the best version out of me. Till my last day coaching, I will always say if it wasn’t for KG I would not be the coach I am today, and he’ll forever be a key part of my success as a coach.”