Northview’s Hinojosa, Hooper & Bartoszek, San Dimas’ Smith & Arroyo’s Quintanilla Win CIF-SS Northern Division Individual Titles

Feb 12 2024 02:50:32

Girls Wrestling:

CIF-SS Northern Division Individuals:

Northview left the San Dimas High School gym on Saturday with three CIF-SS Northern Division individual champions.

The Vikings also finished second as a team, just 9.5 points behind first-place Hillcrest.

Ysabella Hinojosa looked every bit the top seed in the 120-pound weight class.

Hinojosa pinned her first four opponents, and in the final, she defeated Juelz Taylor of West Covina, 7-0.

Mia Hooper pinned four of her five opponents on the way to a 125-pound championship.

In the title bout, Hinojosa pinned Redondo Union’s Faith Bree at 1:47.

Northview’s Faith Bartoszek, and the top seed in the 140-pound division went 5-0.

Bartoszek pinned each of her five opponents, including Hillcrest’s Dannielle Navarro at 2:55 in the championship match.

Arroyo’s Chelsey Quintanilla secured the 110-pound title.

Quintanilla opened the tournament with three consecutive pins, and in the semifinal round, she edged San Dimas’ Lei’ani Jaime, 4-2.

In the final, Quintanilla pinned top-seeded Ajalynn Jimenez (Hillcrest) at 5:34.

Last but not least is San Dimas heavyweight, Charlene Smith.

Smith had a first-round bye, and then she reeled off a technical fall and three consecutive pins to secure the 235-pound title.

In the final, Smith pinned La Lomie Deramus of Hillcrest at 5:46.

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Team Points:
1-Hillcrest (295)
2-Northview (285.5)
3-San Dimas (145.5)
4-Arroyo (96)
5-Foothill (93)
6-Bell Gardens (90)
7-Villa Park (88)
8-Schurr (87)
9-Redondo Union (84)
10-West Covina (83)

100 Pounds:

Title Match: Katherine Hernandez pinned Destiny Huitron at 5:24.

1st Place – Katherine Hernandez of Bell Gardens
2nd Place – Destiny Huitron of Arroyo
3rd Place – Ryleigh Hayes of Northview
4th Place – Ayana Contreras of Ramona
5th Place – Julia Ham of Hillcrest
6th Place – Nayomi Aguilera of Etiwanda
7th Place – Arata Sakamoto of Santa Monica
8th Place – Mackenzie Matthews of Los Osos


Title Match: Isabel Valenzuela def. Tessa Fortenbaugh, 8-1.

1st Place – Isabel Valenzuela of Esperanza
2nd Place – Tessa Fortenbaugh of Canyon
3rd Place – Marie Saldana of Northview
4th Place – Darleen Galicia of West Covina
5th Place – Hailey Laabs of Villa Park
6th Place – Amanda Lee of Gabrielino
7th Place – Mariah Melendez of San Dimas
8th Place – Rani Prasad of Santa Monica


Title Match: Chelsey Quintanilla pinned Ajalynn Jimenez at 5:34.

1st Place – Chelsey Quintanilla of Arroyo
2nd Place – Ajalynn Jimenez of Hillcrest
3rd Place – Angelique Mexia of Villa Park
4th Place – Lei`ani Jaime of San Dimas
5th Place – Leila Witzerman of Peninsula
6th Place – Catarina Sanchez of Bell Gardens
7th Place – Mia Sanchez of Northview
8th Place – Chloe Ortiz of Fullerton


Title Match: Mackenzie Muniz pinned Lola Juarez at 6:27.

1st Place – Mackenzie Muniz of Hillcrest
2nd Place – Lola Juarez of El Dorado
3rd Place – Samatha Rivera of Northview
4th Place – Zoe Lopez of Charter Oak
5th Place – Megan Sognefest of University
6th Place – Caitlin Mai of Beckman
7th Place – Maria Rosas of Bell Gardens
8th Place – Ashlyn Vasquez of Fullerton


Title Match: Ysabella Hinojosa def. Juelz Taylor, 7-0.

1st Place – Ysabella Hinojosa of Northview
2nd Place – Juelz Taylor of West Covina
3rd Place – Makayla Brent of Brea Olinda
4th Place – Setsianna Kraynak of AB Miller
5th Place – Madeline Merideth of Schurr
6th Place – Yuri Lippinghoff of Foothill
7th Place – Naleah Ledesma of Hillcrest
8th Place – Lexi Cooprider of San Dimas


Title Match: Mia Hooper pinned Faith Bree at 1:47.

1st Place – Mia Hooper of Northview
2nd Place – Faith Bree of Redondo Union
3rd Place – Sussette Bell of Rancho Cucamonga
4th Place – Aveyah Ramos of Sunny Hills
5th Place – Nelly Hernandez of Laguna Hills
6th Place – Ava Sosa of Hillcrest
7th Place – Jocelyn Sosa of Schurr
8th Place – Kaylie Berry of Upland


Title Match: Gwenn Jewell def. Savina La Grass, 11-10.

1st Place – Gwen Jewell of Foothill
2nd Place – Savina La Grass of Hillcrest
3rd Place – Ruby Dominguez of Mira Costa
4th Place – Sofia Fernandez of Camarillo
5th Place – Alicia Lewis of Santa Monica
6th Place – Fatima Soriano of El Modena
7th Place – Zelilah Elliston-Perez of Upland
8th Place – Madison Forester of Los Osos


Title Match: Lena Nelson pinned Kayla Ganac at 5:30.

1st Place – Lena Nelson of El Modena
2nd Place – Kayla Ganac of Los Osos
3rd Place – Sumaya Lazaro of Northview
4th Place – Lauren Pena of Hillcrest
5th Place – Audrey Villalon Estrada of Mark Keppel
6th Place – Sarah Joumaa of Beckman
7th Place – Andrea Aguilar of West Covina
8th Place – Alexa Wakefield of Canyon


Title Match: Faith Bartoszek pinned Dannielle Navarro at 2:55.

1st Place – Faith Bartoszek of Northview
2nd Place – Dannielle Navarro of Hillcrest
3rd Place – Ashlynn Lynch of Northwood
4th Place – Alani Marrujo of San Dimas
5th Place – Hassina Mohammad of Irvine
6th Place – Gianna Lopez of Peninsula
7th Place – Alyvia Jeha of Canyon
8th Place – Alex Abrego of El Modena


Title Match: Mattrina Ifopo-Aisea pinned Trinity Palumbo at 2:56.

1st Place – Mattrina Ifopo-Aisea of Troy
2nd Place – Trinity Palumbo of Northview
3rd Place – Aurora Resendo of Hillcrest
4th Place – Alyssa Martinez of Foothill
5th Place – Grace Dominguez of Arroyo
6th Place – Jeslyn Ledezma of Arlington
7th Place – Marley Misty Nelson of Villa Park
8th Place – Izcalia Baldemar of San Dimas


Title Match: Naomi Mesa pinned Ximena Romero at 4:55.

1st Place – Naomi Mesa of Hillcrest
2nd Place – Ximena Romero Dominguez of Villa Park
3rd Place – Andrea Mateo of Northview
4th Place – Levi Burrell of Fullerton
5th Place – Liliana Mendez of Irvine
6th Place – Michelle Lopez of Bell Gardens
7th Place – Aaliyah Nunez of Los Osos
8th Place – Violet Reyes of Beckman


Title Match: Kinsey Konrad pinned Victoria Talamantes at 3:41.

1st Place – Kinsey Konrad of Redondo Union
2nd Place – Victoria Talamantes of Hillcrest
3rd Place – Savannah Pratt of Northview
4th Place – Katherine Herrera of La Habra
5th Place – Bianca Macias of Schurr
6th Place – Jade Martinez of South El Monte
7th Place – Cassidy Rosenthal of Laguna Hills
8th Place – Lillianne Fernandez of Irvine


Title Match: Julianna Marquez pinned Isabella Sosa at 1:30.

1st Place – Julianna Marquez of Gabrielino
2nd Place – Isabella Sosa of Schurr
3rd Place – Jade Seitz of San Dimas
4th Place – Ria Chougule of Redondo Union
5th Place – Trinity Tipton of Camarillo
6th Place – Jaden Hansen of Esperanza
7th Place – Estephania Gomez of Hillcrest
8th Place – Jenny Talamantes of Azusa


Title Match: Charlene Smith pinned La Lomie Deramus at 5:54.

1st Place – Charlene Smith of San Dimas
2nd Place – La Lomie Deramus of Hillcrest
3rd Place – Presley Munoz of Sonora
4th Place – Izzy Mandel of Etiwanda
5th Place – Amelia Acosta-Deiley of Woodbridge
6th Place – Rosa Perez of Laguna Hills
7th Place – Miranda Vazquez of Diamond Ranch
8th Place – Isobel Galisteo of Northwood