Colony Girls Win 9 of 14 Weight Classes; Ayala’s Martinez & Glendora’s Sachs Secure 110-&-125-Pound Titles w/Early Pins at Palomares League Finals

Feb 05 2024 02:55:08

Girls Wrestling:

Team Scores:
1-Colony (562.5)
2-Bonita (542)
3-Ayala (540.5)
4-Alta Loma (409.5)
5-Glendora (233)
6-Claremont (123)

100 Pounds:

Title Match: Camila Robles Alcazar pinned Jaclyn Cervantes at 1:08.

1st Place – Camila Robles Alcazar of Colony
2nd Place – Jaclyn Cervantes of Alta Loma
3rd Place – Sophia Zubia of Ayala
4th Place – Naomi Frias of Glendora


Title Match: Alyssa Garcia pinned Abril Aguilar at 5:11.

1st Place – Alyssa Garcia of Colony
2nd Place – Abril Aguilar of Ayala
3rd Place – Lana Khelghatian of Bonita
4th Place – Bella Chavez of Alta Loma


Title Match: BK Martinez pinned Mia Serna at 0:18.

1st Place – BK Martinez of Ayala
2nd Place – Mia Serna of Colony
3rd Place – Kaitlyn Hanlon of Bonita
4th Place – Avery Carmichael of Claremont


Title Match: Samantha Bramstedt pinned Dulce Maria Mendoza at 3:33.

1st Place – Samantha Bramstedt of Colony
2nd Place – Dulce Maria Mendoza of Colony
3rd Place – Olivia Delgado of Claremont
4th Place – Natalie Castro of Bonita


Title Match: Aubrey Hernandez pinned Elizabeth Sanchez at 0:50.

1st Place – Aubrey Hernandez of Colony
2nd Place – Elizabeth Sanchez of Bonita
3rd Place – Brianna Valdez of Claremont
4th Place – Ezra Hursh of Glendora


Title Match: Samantha Sachs pinned Elana Baker at 1:15.

1st Place – Samantha Sachs of Glendora
2nd Place – Elana Baker of Colony
3rd Place – Isabelle Archuleta of Alta Loma
4th Place – Kayla Contreras of Bonita


Title Match: Leilani Magallon pinned Olivia Cervantes at 0:32.

1st Place – Leilani Magallon of Colony
2nd Place – Olivia Cervantes of Bonita
3rd Place – Jaylene Campos of Alta Loma
4th Place – Vivien Chhiap of Glendora


Title Match: Renice Gonzalez pinned Saya Hernandez at 0:11.

1st Place – Renice Gonzalez of Colony
2nd Place – Saya Hernandez of Bonita
3rd Place – Irelynn Nelson of Alta Loma


Title Match: Jaidyn Clinton pinned Alexis Talbot at 5:48.

1st Place – Jaidyn Clinton of Colony
2nd Place – Alexis Talbot of Ayala
3rd Place – Cheyenne Holm of Bonita


Title Match: Jaslyn Martinez pinned Holly Martinez at 1:23.

1st Place – Jaslyn Martinez of Alta Loma
2nd Place – Holly Martinez of Bonita
3rd Place – Milana Guzman of Claremont
4th Place – Sam Solomon of Colony


Title Match: Melani Rodriguez pinned Mia Uc at 2:59.

1st Place – Melani Rodriguez of Claremont
2nd Place – Mia Uc of Bonita


Title Match: Tati Chavarin pinned Melanie Olague at 1:35.

1st Place – Tati Chavarin of Ayala
2nd Place – Melanie Olague of Glendora
3rd Place – Madison Marin of Bonita


Title Match: Brianna Macias pinned Madison Williams at 1:28.

1st Place – Brianna Macias of Colony
2nd Place – Madison Williams of Glendora


Title Match: Kaleiyah Davis pinned Lauren Malvitz at 0:43.

1st Place – Kaleiyah Davis of Colony
2nd Place – Lauren Malvitz of Claremont
3rd Place – Gaby Cervantes of Bonita